Blurry Love or the new romantic comedy (review)

Fuzzy love
Rezo Films

Continuation of the film directed by Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot, this comic autofiction brilliantly describes the cohabitation of the two former lovers.

Released in 2018, the film Fuzzy love told, in the form of tender autofiction, the separation after ten years of common life of the actors Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot and their decision to live in a “separate” (two separate apartments but communicating with each other through the children’s room). The series exposes the direct continuation of this adventure by showing how Romane and Philippe try to rebuild themselves lovingly and professionally while continuing to live next to each other and raise their two toddlers who have become pre-teens.

But the difficulty of existential reinvention is quickly apparent, which gives rise to incredible situations and funny fantasized sequences. By proclaiming their admiration of Jacques Brel or Meg Ryan, Bohringer and Rebbot also insist on the somewhat outdated aspect of their tastes, a way of emphasizing the weight of passing time. Very touching when she portrays mourning in love, Fuzzy love Sometimes sins by a few repetitions but succeeds in portraying a contemporary family recomposition which also echoes the challenges of the younger generations and which proposes to face crises, both intimate and collective, with hope and dynamism.

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