Bob Odenkirk is back on the set of Better Call Saul after his heart attack

Bob odenkirk

A month later, the actor can resume filming season 6.

July 27, Bob odenkirk frightened all his relatives and fans of breaking Bad. A big month after this cardiac incident which led him to the hospital, the actor of 58 years is back on the sets of New Mexico.

On Twitter, he posted this image of himself behind the scenes, ready for a make-up to resume filming season 6 of Better call saul : “Back to work on Better call saul ! I am so happy to be here and to live this life, surrounded by such good people. Besides, it’s makeup pro Cheri Montesanto who doesn’t make me ugly for the shoot! “ he wrote, delighted to have made it out. Recall that season 6 of Better call saul, which will be broadcast in France on Netflix, will be the last of the spin-off of breaking Bad.

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