Bohemian Rhapsody: Unraveling Right From Wrong In Freddie Mercury’s Biopic

Bohemian rhapsody
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Faithful to the singer’s personality, the biopic nevertheless multiplies the inaccuracies.

Beware, spoilers! This article reveals some key moments from the film Bohemian rhapsody. Nothing too bad for the most die-hard fans of the group. The others have been warned!

At the exit of Bohemian rhapsody, end of 2018, First proposed to disentangle the true from the false in this biopic on Freddie mercury and Queen. We are republishing this article, interspersed with others on this feature film which created the event at the Oscars 2019, on the occasion of its first unencrypted broadcast on M6 (followed by a documentary on the singer). The film tells the life of Freddie Mercury from his beginnings within the group Queen, in 1970, until the famous concert of Live Aid, in 1985. Faithful to the personality of the singer, the biopic nevertheless multiplies the inaccuracies. Some of these mistakes are more than just hair or musical anachronisms.

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Queen: her career and her music

Queen is an over-educated group. TRUE

Queen is probably the most successful group in rock history! Freddie mercury was a graduate in art (Ealing Art College), Roger taylor in dentistry (London Hospital Medical School), John deacon in electronics (King’s College) and Brian may in astrophysics. The latter finally completed his thesis in 2007, thirty years after having started it.

Freddie Mercury designed the Queen logo. TRUE

It was Freddie Mercury who designed the band’s logo. The musician, a graduate of a London School of Fine Arts, imagined it from the zodiac signs of the members of the group. We see two lions (John Deacon and Roger Taylor), a crab symbolizing cancer (Brian May) and two fairies symbolizing the virgin (Freddie Mercury).

Freddie Mercury is the first Queen member to record a solo album. FALSE

According to the film, Freddie Mercury would have left Queen to devote himself to his solo career. Not only has he never “left” Queen, but he is also not the first member of the group to have released his solo album. Roger Taylor publishes Fun in space, his first solo album, in 1981. Brian May followed suit in 1983 with the album Star Fleet Project, recorded with guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Mr bad guy, Freddie Mercury’s debut album, was not released until 1985.

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All the members of the group were composing. TRUE

Queen is one of the few rock groups whose four members made up. Everyone signed at least one hit. We owe “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “We Are The Champions” to Freddie Mercury; “We Will Rock You”, “Now I’m Here” and “I Want It All” from Brian May; “You’re My Best Friend”, “Another One Bites The Dust” and “I Want To Break Free” from John Deacon; “I’m In Love With My Car”, “Radio Ga Ga” and “A Kind Of Magic” to Roger Taylor.

The group’s compositions were signed “Queen” from 1985. FALSE

The band’s compositions weren’t signed Queen from 1985 as it says in the movie, but from the album The Miracle, published in 1989. To illustrate this creative and financial symbiosis – since the royalties are now shared equally – the album cover represents the heads of the four members forming one and the same figure.

Queen reformed to participate in Live Aid. FALSE

Queen never officially broke up. However, the film suggests that the members of the group have not played together for several years at the time of Live Aid. The famous charity concert organized by Bob Geldof then appears as the ideal moment to return to the front of the stage. What the film forgets to point out is that Queen had recorded a record the previous year (The Works, in 1984) and that they were on tour around the world just a few months before Live Aid.

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The Private Life of Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury had a passionate love affair with Mary Austin. TRUE

Before coming out, the Queen singer had a great love affair with a woman: Mary austin, interpreted by Lucy boynton in the movie. Freddie and Mary lived together in the early seventies, until Mercury told her he was gay. The two lovers remained on very good terms, with Mary visiting him regularly during his illness.

Jim Hutton, the singer’s last companion, was a waiter. FALSE

In the movie, Freddie Mercury meets Jim hutton, interpreted by Aaron McCusker, during a party he organizes at home, while the latter is employed as a waiter. According to group biographers, Jim Hutton was not a waiter but a hairdresser / barber. Jim Hutton spent Freddie’s last six years by his side, until the singer’s death on November 24, 1991.

Freddie Mercury had a conflicting relationship with the press. TRUE

The press hasn’t always been kind to Queen, or to Freddie Mercury. The British tabloids did not miss an opportunity to report the supposed romantic and / or sexual escapades of the singer. Bohemian rhapsody shows elsewhere Paul Prenter, Freddie’s assistant played by Allen Leech, sell photos to the press and reveal the singer’s private life.

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