Bond 26: what future for James Bond after Dying can wait?

How to reinvent the James Bond saga after the departure of Daniel Craig? Our 007 ideas for the future. With some spoilers in it (very few).

Play the franchise to the fullest

EON (the production box of Jump) had already tried it in 2002, by announcing a spin-off on Jinx, the James Bond Girl played by Halle Berry in Die another day… Before retracting a few months later. Because they didn’t want to bet money on a act worn by a Black, according to the actress. Maybe also because a James Bond without Bond, well, that doesn’t really matter… Everything changes with To die can wait, which can really pave the way for Marvel-style “franchising”. Think of Nomi-la-nouvelle-007 (Lashana Lynch), Mathilde Vous-Knowz-Qui, and especially Paloma (Ana de Armas), the amazing spy apprentice who crosses in a flash the best scene of the film and whose the world instantly fell in love. The producers promised, swore, that Bond would never end up in direct-to-streaming. Operation Paloma, one day maybe on Amazon Prime?

Go back in the 60’s (or even before)

All the James bond are contemporary films. But since GoldenEye, everyone reminds 007 that with the end of the Cold War, it still got a little out of date. Rather than doing a 007 on TikTok, wouldn’t this be an opportunity to step back in time? In the sixties, for example, to rediscover a little of the innocence, the class and the stylization of the Terence Young years. Or even earlier, why not? According to his biographers, Bond was born to a Scottish father and a Swiss mother, in 1920 or 1921. Among the “official” highlights of his bio: the loss of his virginity at 16 in Paris, his apprenticeship skiing in Switzerland… The best: when he was fired from the prestigious Eton college for “a matter of manners”. But above all, it celebrates its twentieth anniversary during the Second World War. Bond was part of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, a corps of British naval reservists, in which he ended the war with the rank of Commander. What if the young James, a cosmopolitan multilingual athlete, had joined the Special Operations Executive, English secret service leading commando operations (with lots of gadgets ranging from the pencil-detonator to the mini-submarine) in Europe occupied by the Third Reich? Un Bond minot (and presto, we cast a young actor from Commonwealth) beating the hell out of the Nazis in an atmosphere between Casablanca and When eagles attack : frankly, if you don’t want to see that …

Who will be the next James Bond? From outsiders to favorites, our predictions

Remaker the classics

Before dying in 1996, Albert “Cubby” Broccoli, the historical producer of the saga, had given this advice to his heirs Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli: always go back to the source of Bond, that is to say to the books of Ian Fleming. Except that there are only 21 original adventures of Bond (12 novels and 9 short stories) and that the vein is running out (even if the books continue to feed the imagination of the writers, the poison garden by Rami Malek in To die can wait indeed coming straight from the “Garden of Death” of the book We only live twice). What if the solution was to go back to the original works to readapt them to the contemporary world? Which would lead us to remakes of Dr. No, Moonraker Where Good Kisses from Russia… Sacrilege? Probably a little, but not that much, if we remember thatOperation Thunder has already been adapted twice (first in 65, then in 83 with Never never again). In our remake-hungry world, a new take on Goldfinger would it be so incongruous, from a strictly industrial point of view? An idea to ponder in the queue for West Side Story by Spielberg, in theaters December 8.

Pretend the Craig years didn’t exist

How to survive Daniel Craig’s Leap? How to overcome the cycle of rebirth-death-resurrection-swansong recounted in his five films? Just pretend nothing has happened. To shoot a “classic” James Bond, with 007 coming into M’s office, say hello to Moneypenny, get his instructions, his gadgets and the keys to his Aston Martin and shoo! On the way to a “James Bond” mission. After all, James Bond vs. Dr. No starts directly like this. In these times when franchise movies are endless landmarks of worldbuilding nearly three hours ending in two post-credits scenes, it looks like really not no to a “little” 007 of 1h40 shot by super technicians and stuntmen. A dry film, direct, without downtime, a pure action film hit and shaken… A James Bond, what?

What we like (really a lot) about Dying can wait

Leave it to Purvis and Wade
“It would be nice to see him put wallpaper in his house” : in an article by M – The World Magazine, we learn that it is by proposing this idea of ​​a new weekend activity for 007 to the producers that Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have become the official writers of the franchise Jump since The world is not enough (1999). The two accomplices are credited with all the scripts (including that of Die another day, yes yes), even if their ideas are, of course, seriously revised and rewritten before filming. And they have some Jump refused in their hard drives, as the article tells: “We thought of a Bond told in voiceover like in a film noir, or a movie where the secret agent is watched from the outside by a woman. whole world. Bond would evolve in a closed place, we would go from a globetrotting secret agent to a paranoid man, that would be an interesting approach. “ Choose the pitch that makes you fantasize the most. A Bond dreamed of by its faithful screenwriters, far from the annealed clichés of the franchise, that would connect us well. What color for the wallpaper, James?

Recall Pierce Brosnan

Daniel Craig seems relieved to finally turn the Bond page, after 15 serves and a shot knee on the set of 007 Specter. The one who failed to properly say goodbye to the character, on the other hand, is Pierce Brosnan, fired like a messy afterwards Die another day and who ruminates from his bitterness while assuming with panache to be for eternity looked at like an elder double-0-seven. What if we offered Brosnan the chance to find the spy suit he loved? Pierce is 68, he still wears handsome, he would make a gorgeous 007 aging, bearded (as at the start of Die another day), retired from business, but forced to take back the Walther PPK for one last mission (or four, if everyone’s hot). Either option Old man bond, in the tradition of Bruce Wayne of The Dark Knight Returns from Frank Miller or Wolverine from Old man logan by Mark Millar. Old man brosnan ? Admit it would look good.

Give carte blanche to great authors

Impossible to watch To die can wait without bothering to think about what James Bond’s 25th installment might have been if it had been directed, as originally planned, by Danny Boyle (who ultimately left ship over artistic disputes with Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli). After Sam Mendes on Sky Fall and 007 Specter, the arrival of the director of Trainspotting at the head of a Jump had to confirm the “author” turn of the franchise. Finally, no: the Bond 25 de Boyle went to join the Casino Royale by Tarantino in the Ghost Leap list. The story of the franchise is also that of these fantasy films, never shot, dreamed of remotely by famous fans named Steven Spielberg or Christopher Nolan. What feed the illusion of seeing Bond entrust to great filmmakers, the time of films “carte blanche”, where they could do what they want with the character, before passing the baton to another. Either a collection of episodes stand-alone, where Bond would change face, and the saga of look, with each new opus. Denis Villeneuve, official candidate for the post, would turn a Bond dark and monumental in IMAX, before Edgar Wright came to lighten the air. Michael Mann’s Bond is reportedly headed by Christian Bale. That of Park Chan-wook that of Matthew Goode. And Nolan would eventually be convinced and hire Tom Hardy.

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