Boss Level: What is the time loop movie with Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo worth? [critique]

The new Carnahan is coming to Amazon Prime Video: a cool DTV in the form of a high concept action movie, but a DTV nonetheless.

Update of July 7, 2021: Already released on DVD, Boss Level is now available on Amazon Prime Video. Here is our take on Joe Carnahan’s film:

Pitché in 2012, shot in March 2018, and put under the carpet since: we can not say that Boss Level inspires insane confidence, especially with the hapless Mel Gibson headlining a career in Flat ECG … The film kicks off in somewhat tense ‘tribute’ mode – with its title in the form of a 90s baston video game menu with pixels and synth music – but it all sounds very much like marketing wrapper. Boss Level does not play the meta movie card on the video game (as apparently the future Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds) but that of the pure action film mixed with a serious SF twist. A former Special Forces (likable Frank Grillo, seen at Marvel and really, very, very muscular) wakes up every day in the same bed, the target of the same armada of crazy killers.

Why ? How? ‘Or’ What ? Well, know that the script, while being seriously B-series, isn’t that dumb, while still serving as a voucher for Grillo and his pals for gutting each other in various ways. As for Gibson, he is still as solid in the supporting role of “luxury” which offers itself good replicas (example, by confusing a Chinese sword with a katana: ” We’re not going to bother with the race, it’s still a sword “). One regret remains: the reunion of Mad Mel and director Joe Carnahan (also completely out of the studio system, ten years later The All Risks Agency) could have, should have given something other than a direct-to-video sympatoche. Maybe to the next level?

Boss Level is available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and VOD, as well as on Amazon Prime Video

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