Box-office for the weekend of July 25: Already 800,000 admissions for Kaamelott

However, the consequences of the health pass are already being felt. (Source: Le Film Français)

Wednesday, Kaamelott – First part reached 400,000 admissions, including 300,000 recorded in preview the day before – a record! – which clearly showed the wait for the film by Alexandre Astier, which follows on from his successful series. However, on the same day was set up the health pass to enter the cinema, for adult spectators going to rooms with more than 50 seats, and this was felt on the rest of the admissions, the films already released (Black Widow, Titanium, Cruella etc.) losing up to 70% of their attendance and other novelties (Old, good mother etc.) registering small scores on the same day.

Despite Kaamelott, the health pass undermines the French box office

The French weekend box office, precisely from Wednesday 21 to Sunday 25 July, has just fallen and it perfectly confirms this trend. Kaamelott thus cumulates 837,592 tickets for 807 theaters, i.e. the second best first weekend of 2021 after that of Fast & Furious 9, seen by 1,101,038 spectators in five days. It is difficult to know how many admissions the film would have recorded without the implementation of this measure, but by comparing this result to those of a year “normal”, it would have been in the top 15 of the best annual start-ups. For example, in 2019 it would have been just below Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, by Quentin Tarantino, who was seen by 882,407 curious the weekend of its release (then 2.6 million), and in 2018, Alexandre Astier had done a little better thanks to his animated sequel to Asterix, co- created with Louis Clichy: The Secret of the Magic Potion sold 860,609 tickets in the first weekend, then 3.9 million in all.

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The only novelties in the top 10 are far behind: Space Jam: New Era is third thanks to 136,266 countermarks sold in 463 cinemas, and Old, by M. Night Shyamalan, started in sixth position with 73,685 curious people moved to 300 theaters. Among the continuities, the largest drop in attendance comes to Fast & Furious 9, which loses the head of the standings and 84% of its public by collecting 175,984 entries in second position, which rises its total to 1.4 million spectators. Titanium is the one who is doing the best with a drop in “only” 27%, or 40,477 more people displaced in 227 cinemas since the Wednesday following its Palme d’Or. Julia Ducournau’s film thus reached 129,000 spectators in ten days.

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Overall, French cinemas attracted 1.8 million spectators this weekend, a significant drop compared to the previous three in July, which had sold between 2.2 and 3.4 million tickets. .

French box office for the weekend from Wednesday 21 to Sunday 25 July 2021:

Box-office for the weekend of July 25: Already 800,000 admissions for Kaamelott
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