Box office: Spider-Man No Way Home breaks billion dollar mark

All in Scene 2 and Matrix Resurrections are no match.

Many films are currently suffering at the box office, struggling to attract audiences to the cinema as we undergo a resurgence of the health crisis especially due to the Omicron variant. Spider-Man: No Way Home ignores the surrounding stagnation and posts huge recipes. John Watts’ film thus became the first to accumulate 1 billion in revenue worldwide since the appearance of Covid-19. And it is far from over.

For its second week of operation, the latest Spider-Man is still in the lead and now has $ 467 million in the United States alone. The film grossed 81.5 million in the past three days, or 53% of the total box office (154 million), Deadline note ! A tidal wave where only one competitor roughly floats: the animated film All in scene 2, with 41 million receipts since Wednesday.

Matrix Resurrections completes the podium with 22.5 million in 5 days, the worst score of the saga. Another novelty, the prequel of King’s man, which comes out on Wednesday with us, disappoints with 10 million, while the West Side Story by Steven Spielberg has raked in an additional 2.8 million, for a total of nearly 29 million in three weeks. But the biggest gadget clearly comes down to Nightmare alley. Guillermo del Toro’s film is already ejected from the top 10 with just 1.3 million grossings (5.4 in total) for its second week in theaters.

Box office: Spider-Man No Way Home crosses billion mark
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