Brad Pitt, Lewis Hamilton and Joseph Kosinski’s F1 movie is known

Brad Pitt is preparing an F1 film with Lewis Hamilton and Joseph Kosinski

Brad Pitt will play a driver coming out of retirement to mentor a promising youngster. And it is Apple which has just acquired the rights.

We learned at the beginning of December that Brad Pitt, Lewis Hamilton and Joseph Kosinski to team up for F1 movie, the director of Top Gun: Maverick reuniting for the occasion with his screenwriter Ehren Kruger and his producer Jerry Bruckheimer, while Pitt would co-produce the project via his company Plan B. Deadline reveals more details this week, revealing that it is Apple who is about to sign for the rights to this film, after a battle between various studios (Paramount, MGM, Sony, Universal and Disney on the cinema side, as well as Netflix and Amazon on the streaming platform side). The American site also unveils a pitch, confirming that Brad Pitt will play one of the main characters of the film, a pilot who comes out of retirement to become the mentor of a promising youngster, and who thus finds himself one last time under fire. spotlights. On the other hand, we still do not know the precise implication of Lewis Hamilton. Will the F1 champion star in the film? Is he a consultant on this project or in production? It remains to be seen.

In detail, it is a nice coup for Apple, which has spent between 130 and 140 million dollars to acquire the rights of a “package” of two films: a thriller directed by Jon Watts where Brad Pitt would meet his friend Ocean’s, George Clooney, and therefore this F1 project. Deadline finally recalls that the star had long dreamed of playing a racing driver: long before the release of Le Mans 66, of James Mangold with Matt Damon in the role of Carroll Shelby, Brad Pitt had tried to set up a project around this character.

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