Brian Cox offers himself a brilliant crossover between Succession and Euphoria!

estate euphoria

The interpreter of Logan Roy lent himself to a sketch by Jimmy Kimmel last night on US TV.

Two of the best current series met last night, in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Guest of the talk show, the actor of Succession, Brian Coxparticipated in an awesome skit, in which he digitally integrated with Euphoria.

More precisely, Logan Roy took the place of Cassie to reenact his memorable monologue from the high school toilets, seen in episode 3 of season 2 ofEuphoria. Dressed like he’s auditioning for the school musical, Oklahomahe ignites like Cassie against her girlfriends who bitchent in the original version:

Except that in Euphoriathe young girl only fantasizes about her freakout, while Brian Coxhe makes Logan Roy in the text, until the end!

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