Bridgerton, season 2: this marriage that you have not seen explained

Bridgerton season 2

Because “the love story between the two sisters is just as important as the main love story.”

While season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle a hit on Netflix, fans are wondering after the conclusion of the last episode… Spoilers alert!

Why did the authors deprive us of the marriage between Kate and Anthony? In the last minutes, we find the family six months later. We understand that Kate has married the Viscount and that they are returning from their honeymoon. But nothing was shown to the spectators. Executive producer and showrunner Chris Van Dusen explains why in TVLine.

According to him, it was logical and right, after the failure of the grandiose marriage between Anthony and Edwina: “In terms of tone, on the form, we wondered how the marriage of Kate and Anthony could compete with that which was planned for him and Edwina. A grand ceremony, sponsored by the Queen… She wasn’t going to do it twice! So this marriage would necessarily have been less spectacular. And there is also the strong bond that binds Kate and Edwina. This love story between the two sisters is just as important as the main love story between Anthony and Kate…”

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Clearly, it would have been hard for the authors to have Edwina attend her sister’s wedding to the man she was to marry!

“Our Edwina becomes a fully realized character in the series. Anything else would reduce her to being a prop” continues Van Dusen. “Her version of the book was much less complex. I didn’t want her to be just an accessory. I wanted her to have feelings and thoughts. I love episode 6 so much, and that’s why after she didn’t get married, we saw Edwina being nice to the queen and the king. Edwina is inherently kind.”

We therefore guess that the new couple Bridgerton was treated to a small, intimate ceremony with little or no family present.

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