Bridget Jones 3: three different endings to cover their tracks

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Bridget jones 3

No one knew who Bridget ends up with (or even who her baby is) until the movie premieres!

On the occasion of the rebroadcast of Bridget Jones Baby, this Sunday on TF1, return on a funny anecdote of the shooting told at the beginning of 2016.

To prevent leaks in the press, the production of Bridget jones 3 resorted to a radical solution. At Sunday Express, Renée Zellweger revealed that three different endings were filmed, a story that no one knows which was the real one until they saw the film in theaters: “It’s brilliant. No one in the cast knows who the father of Bridget’s baby is, or who she will choose. The idea is to keep us in the dark until the first. “

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By the way, the actress assured that “the new challenge is to find out where Bridget is in her new life. I’m very excited because there aren’t a lot of romantic comedies left. Bridget Jones is one of those movies that I watch on TV over and over again (…) I love these characters. I love his world, his family and his friends. I love that she tells about what it’s like to be a woman“.

Trailer of Bridget jones 3 :

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