Bruce Lee’s daughter asks Quentin Tarantino to stop talking about her father

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“I’m really sick of white men in Hollywood telling me who Bruce Lee was.”

The Tarantino / Lee soap opera is relaunched. In full promotion of its novelization of Once Upon a Time … in Holllywood, QT dangerously reignited the debate over his portrayal of Bruce Lee, scolding critics and claiming the latter disrespects stuntmen. As a reminder, in his latest film, the martial arts legend gets his butt kicked by the character of Cliff Booth, played by Brad Pitt. A “caricature” denounced by Lee’s daughter, Shannon, since the release of OUATIH.

Quentin Tarantino assumes his Bruce Lee from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: “Fuck you!”

Following recent comments from Quentin Tarantino, Shannon Lee therefore responded to the filmmaker again, in a very salty open letter published in The Hollywood Reporter. During his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he explained that only she had the right to criticize Bruce Lee’s streak in Once Upon a Time … And she did not deprive herself of it, to say the least. Extracts:

Why does Quentin Tarantino speak like he knows Bruce Lee and hates him? Sounds odd considering he’s never met her, right? Not to mention that Mr. Tarantino copied my father’s yellow tracksuit for The Bride and Kato’s mask and outfit for the Crazy 88s in Kill Bill, which many interpreted as a love letter to Bruce Lee (…) Yet Mr. Tarantino tried to avoid the name Bruce Lee at the time. If only he could get it out of his mouth today. ”

I’m so sick of white hollywood men telling me who Bruce Lee was“, continues Shannon Lee, who also spares actor Mike Moh (“he did what he could“).”I’m sick of hearing white men in Hollywood say he was an arrogant asshole when they have no idea what it was like to find work in 1960s and 1970s Hollywood in as a Chinese man with (Oh Lord) an accent (…) I’m sick of white Hollywood men despising his confidence, his passion and his mastery for hubris. ”

Although she understood the motives of Tarantino, who wanted to show how great Cliff Booth was bad ass (“Character development. I know.“), she believes that the director could have done much better. Especially since her portrait of Bruce Lee fits, according to her, into a more general context of anti-Asian hatred in the United States:

To conclude, at a time when Asian Americans are physically attacked, asked to return home because they are seen as non-Americans, and demonized for reasons beyond their control, I feel compelled to suggest that Mr. Tarantino’s continued attacks, and his misleading portrayal of a pioneer member of the Chinese-American community, are not welcome. “

Find the full letter from Shannon Lee on the THR website

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