Bubble: trailer for the Netflix anime, from the director of Attack on Titan

A great poetic film by Tetsuro Araki.

Director of the first three seasons of The attack of the TitansTetsuro Araki has just signed a great animated feature film, bubble, which promises to be magnificent and poetic, judging by the trailer that has just been released. A great love story in a Tokyo where the laws of attraction no longer exist…

The pitch: “When a rain of bubbles overriding the laws of gravity descends on the planet, Tokyo finds itself isolated from the rest of the world and becomes the favorite playground of a gang of young people who have lost their families and compete in parkour competitions, leaping from one building to another by multiplying perilous acrobatics.
One day, Hibiki, one of the most daring, takes a masterful fall while trying to perform a risky trick. As he prepares to fall into an ocean of weightlessness, a girl with mysterious powers named Uta saves his life. The duo then hears an extraordinary sound that only they can perceive. Why did Uta’s path cross Hibiki’s? From their meeting is born a revelation that will change the world.”

bubble will be available in France and around the world on April 28, on Netflix, before its release in Japan in cinemas in May.

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