Bushman, this terrible villain of Marvel Comics introduced discreetly in episode 5 of Moon Knight

Bushman Marvel comics

Former commander of Marc in the army, he could play a role in the final.

Fans of Marvel comics certainly had a little light that came on, in episode 5 of Moon Knightunveiled on Disney Plus this week, when Marc Spector revealed a major event from his past… Spoiler alert!

The mercenary has indeed told how he became the avatar of Khonshu, after having been close to death, during a massacre of a group of archaeologists in the Egyptian desert, a few years earlier. A massacre of which Layla’s father was the victim and perpetrated by a certain commander Bushman, an ex-soldier, Marc’s former boss in the army. Readers of the comics will have recognized Raul Bushman, a key comic book villain. Moon Knight. Introduced in 1980, Bushman is a mercenary leader with a skull tattoo on his face and sharp steel teeth, which he uses in battle. With this little flashback, he’s officially entered the MCU.

Moon Knight, episode 5: the truth about Steven Grant (and in the comics?)

Moon Knight has clashed with Bushman several times over the years on paper. The latter has also worked with other Marvel villains like Baron Zemo and Taskmaster. In the Disney+ series, the character is alive and well, having left Marc for dead. We should therefore meet him again, if only to offer Layla her revenge. But Moon Knight only has one episode left, a finale in which Harrow’s case will already have to be dealt with. So Bushman could wait for another series or another MCU film before appearing concretely in the franchise…

The end of Moon Knight will air next Wednesday on Disney Plus.


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