Cabourg day 3: the duo Karin Viard-Gregory Gadebois, Clément Roussier and Elena López Riera

Every day, a look back at the highlights of the 2022 edition of the romantic film festival.

The delicacy of the day: maria dream of Lauriane Escaffre and Yvo Muller

César winners for their short film On time in 2020, Lauriane Escaffre and Yvo Muller go to the long format with maria dreampresented to Cabourg Festival. The duo retains the same taste for characters seeking to break down the walls of a daily life that is too plan-plan or, more broadly, of an existence that is too much drawn in front of them. In On time, a daughter of butchers dreamed of being a beautician. Here, a housekeeper – married for 25 years – and the immutable caretaker of the Ecole des Beaux Arts will experience an unexpected love at first sight that will remain silent for a long time before the beating of these hearts which believed themselves plunged forever into a deep siesta does not open up new perspectives for them. kind of meeting between I am not here to be loved and Antoinette in the Cevennes, maria dream has a mad charm. That of a romantic comedy which is not afraid of great feelings and which, unlike so many others, does not use modern art – at the center of the story – as a valve factory easy. All with a sweetness never cutesy, like the interpretation of its two main actors. Karin Viard whom we had not seen split the armor to this extent for a long time. And Gregory Gadebois who, as always without appearing to, overwhelms you with a look, a smile, an Elvis-style sway that his character learns via tutorials on the Internet. He is not one of the greatest French actors today by chance. He plays first and foremost with others. And its generosity marries that of the film.

Maria dreams (Karin Viard and Grégory Gadebois)
UGC Distribution

The actor of the day: Clément Roussier in The sun too close

Revealed by the series So be they then At the end of the tale of Agnès Jaoui ten years ago, Clément Roussier has been rather discreet since. The sun too close, Brieuc Carnaille’s first feature film – for which he also co-wrote the screenplay – offered him his first major role on the big screen. And not the easiest of all: a thirty-year-old who tries to live like the others, despite his schizophrenia. As fair in moments of inner storm as in hours of regained calm, as impressive in the explosiveness as in the sweetness, there is sometimes Dewaere of Black sequence in the very physical interpretation of Roussier with the false airs of Albert Dupontel, notably facing Marine Vacht and Diane Rouxel. We hope to see him again soon and more.

The sun too close
Diamond Films

The curiosity of the day: El Agua ofElena Lopez Riera

An atmosphere at Phenomena by M. Night Shyamalan in this first feature film by Elena López Riera (co-written with Philippe Azoury, ex-excellent pen of Release), chronicle of a summer in a small Spanish village, whose youngest inhabitants try to overcome boredom by waiting for a better tomorrow. Somewhere else. Because the central character of this story, the most mysterious, the most impalpable is none other than the river that crosses this village. Source – no pun intended – of an ancestral legend that this river is in love of the prettiest girl in the area whom she attracts to her and makes her disappear in her waves as soon as her heart races for someone else. This is the case here of Ana, 17, of devastating beauty and worried about the power of this river as she experiences her first love. Elena López Riera embraces this mythical figure in a perfect blend of realism and mysticism by plunging us into the head of her young heroine, lost between what she sees, what she feels, what she dreams and what she is having a nightmare. With a bewitchment that won’t let us go until its ultimate plan.

El Agua
Diamond Films

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