Cameron Diaz looks sexier than ever in Sex Tape [critique]

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Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel
Sony Pictures Releasing France

The actress finds Jake Kasdan, the director of Bad Teacher.

Good for fans of Cameron Diaz : if the actress seems to have retired, she will be in the spotlight this Sunday on TF1, which will offer two of her recent romantic comedies: Triple Alliance, by Nick Cassavetes and Sex tape, of Jake Kasdan, both released to the cinema in 2014. Note that the latter had already reunited Diaz and Jason Segel in the effective Bad teacher, in 2011.

The pitch remains simple and cheerful: Annie (Cameron Diaz) and Jay (Jason segel) shoot a sex tape on their iPad, but the video gets lost in the cloud and ends up in the iPads the couple gave their friends for Christmas. Then began a mad race against time to prevent the video from being broadcast on the web.

Triple alliance, with Cameron Diaz, is formidably effective [critique]

Here is our review: At first, Annie and Jay made love all the time, everywhere, in all positions. Then they got married and had children. So how do you rekindle the flame of the beginnings? “Bah, by making a sex tape”, suggests Annie. Good idea, except that Jay mistakenly sends the video to everyone around them. Then begins a nocturnal hunt for the digital file, by nature volatile. Rare and unique filmmaker
(The Zero Method, Walk Hard), Jake Kasdan has a habit of making do anything to actors in need of thrills. After giving her the role of a fully bent teacher in Bad teacher, this time he puts Cameron Diaz at the service of one of those twisted concepts of which the star of Mary at all cost is customary. Sexier than ever, she shows off her person (transparent breasts and exposed buttocks) with an obvious carelessness and the will to shock the average American. But once past the long prologue, in the form of a snub to good thinking, the film struggles to find a second wind, materialized by a not very horny chase and supporting roles – except Rob Lowe – to cramped in their jobs as stooges.

Will Cameron Diaz ever return to the movies?

Here is the trailer for Sex tape :

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