Camping: discover the unmentionable pleasure of Sandrine Kiberlain


If you’re watching Camping this Sunday, you might have something in common with the actress. “Aperitif?”

We imagine badly Sandrine Kiberlain hum the “March of the Tongues” sipping pastis in blue weather. However, the actress has her cute sins, like everyone else, and she recently confided to the microphone of First how she adored this comedy by Fabien Onteniente! Interviewed to promote Still happyat the end of 2015, with Edward Baershe told us: “I really like Camping… The 1 in any case”, hasfter listing some of his favorite comedies. The movie with Frank Dubosc, Claude Brewer and Mathilde Seigner will be rebroadcast this Sunday on TF1. Watch the full interview here.

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The rebroadcast of Camping should allow you to cool the ice cubes. Here is its trailer:

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