Can dying wait in deficit when he is the biggest hit of 2021? MGM denies

The studio assures that the recent analyzes published in the American press are “false” and “unfounded”.

Despite his huge hit at the global box office, despite being the biggest success of the pandemic era (excluding Chinese films) and despite the fact that he is on the way to becoming the 2nd biggest James Bond of the story, To die can wait will he lose money? This is what a recent analysis of the American magazine Variety, which estimates at 100 million dollars the loss of for the MGM studio, with its exploitation in the cinemas – in spite of the 740 million dollars collected (for the moment) by the last opus carried by Daniel Craig.

“The film cost over $ 250 million to produce, at least $ 100 million to promote and tens of millions more due to its 16-month delay in release. Inside sources believe that To die can wait must bring in nearly $ 900 million to reach its break-even point (…) As a result, the film now risks losing $ 100 million with its theatrical release, according to sources close to the production “.

A completely “analysisfake” and “unfounded“responds MGM, who categorically denies in an official press release.

Daniel Craig knew the end of Dying Can Wait for 15 years

“These anonymous and uninformed sources suggesting the film will lose money are categorically unfounded and simply untrue.s, “an MGM spokesperson told Variety in the statement.”The film exceeded our theatrical estimates and by far became the highest-grossing Hollywood film in the international market and surpassing Fast & Furious 9, to establish itself as the highest-grossing Hollywood film since the pandemic. With the digital release of the film, which is already achieving stellar sales in terms of home viewing, while continuing to perform well in theaters, To die can wait will bring benefit to MGM, both as an individual title, but also as part of our Incredible Library ”.

Available in the USA on VOD platforms only 31 days after its theatrical release, To die can wait Visibly breaking the house right now across the Atlantic in digital purchasing. And this is a priori how MGM will make profits with its 25th James Bond.

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