Candice Renoir will end at the end of the next season 10 … or almost

Candice Renoir
France TV

The series returns this evening on France 2 with the last part of season 9.

France 2 relaunches Candice Renoir, this evening, with the continuation of season 9, stopped at the end of 2020. It will not be the end of the adventures of the policewoman played by Cécile Bois … but the last days of Candice Renoir are fast approaching!

Indeed, according to Télé Loisirs, the series will end at the end of the next season 10. But Candice Renoir could still return, from time to time, in a new format. Indeed, France 2 would like to bring out the investigator on an episodic basis, for 90-minute telefilms.

More long season, 8 or 10 episodes. But just a unitary investigation, always carried out by Cécile Bois and Raphaël Lenglet.

Note that season 10 of Candice Renoir, which will be broadcast by the end of 2022 on France 2, is already on tour.

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