Cannes 2015: The full moving speech of Vincent Lindon for his interpretation award

The actor received the interpretation prize for his role in La Loi du marché, to be seen again this evening on Arte.

The actor received the interpretation prize for his role in La Loi du marché, to be seen again this evening on Arte.

Update of May 25, 2022: By opening the 75th Cannes Film Festivalthe president of the jury for this new edition, Vincent Lindon, made a very strong speech to defend cinema and culture. His words echoed the message of thanks he had given 7 years ago when he received the interpretation prize for The Law of the Market. Arte is rescheduling Stéphane Brizé’s film tonight, and we can’t resist the urge to read/hear his words again.

The strong speech of Vincent Lindon, president of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival 2022

News of May 25, 2015: It is with a lot of emotion, tremolos in the voice and very tender words that Vincent Lindon received last night the prize for male interpretation for his role as a trade unionist reconverted in spite of himself on the watch in The Law of the Market. His speech of thanks was a true declaration of love to the left behind (to whom he dedicates this prize), to the Cannes festival, to his family, but also to Stephane Brize “his own director”.

A word for the jury

“I gained a little bit of time”, cbegins the actor after kissing each member of the jury and trying in vain to control his tears. William Faulkner said “dream big dreams so you don’t lose sight of them by pursuing them.”… (note: he pauses, very moved) This is the first time that I have received an award in my life… I would like to say thank you to the two presidents of the Jury, Ethan and Joel and Coen : I am very proud that they saw me play; as well as to all the members of the jury: I thank you for having taken such a benevolent look and with as much emotion on the work as Stephane Brize has done with me… and on the work that Stephane Brize made it short.”

A prize with political significance

“I would like to thank Thierry Fremaux and Pierre Lescure to have programmed this film, for a first simple reason: it is that they contributed to one of the three most beautiful days of my life. Secondly, it’s because it’s a political act to program a film like this, just like the one byEmmanuelle Bercot and other films that talk about our contemporaries and the people around us. To all those people who have not always been considered up to what they deserve and who are citizens who have been somewhat left behind: I dedicate this prize to them, with all my heart. I also dedicate it to the actors and all the people who have played with me and without whom I wouldn’t be here. Besides, I have the impression that it’s not me who’s here…”

“I would like to thank the producers Christopher Rossignon and Philip Boiffard, for having accompanied us throughout this film and for the whole team who worked diligently and with enormous passion. I would like to thank Michel Saint-Jean, the distributor of the film and all the people who worked with him. (…) Marie-Christine Damiens (Editor’s note: the press officer) who took care of the film, who was as passionate as us and who this evening was even more afraid than us…”

The culmination of a long collaboration

“I will also come back to my director… because he is mine! I will lend him to you but he is mine. (Editor’s note: they worked together to A few hours of spring and Miss Chambon). I would like to thank Stephane Brize who looked at me eight years ago and who decided that I would be the ambassador of his fantasies, his stories, his neuroses, his dreams, his generosity, his professionalism and the man incredible and formidable that he is. We have a memory that binds us for life and I am overwhelmed to share that with you… this film. If he had had the prize (note: Stephane Brize)I know he would have said “all this would not have been possible without Vincent”I don’t know what will happen after, but I got the prize and I’m telling you Stéphane: all of this would have been impossible without you… Impossible.”

Tender thoughts for his loved ones

“I would also like to express my admiration for the people I love: they will recognize themselves, and they are few… (…) And I would also like to embrace the two people I love the most on earth, who are my son, Marcel, and my daughter, Suzanne… I also have a thought for my mom and my dad who are no longer there… When I think that I did all that so that they could see me and that they weren’t not here.”

You can find the speech of Vincent Lindon in video on the full retransmission of the closing ceremony, broadcast at the time on Canal +:

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