Cannes 2021: The Innocents, a psychic slap [critique]

Eskil Vogt immediately succeeds in his film of kids with psychic powers. It’s a kind, and a slap.

A family moves to a Norwegian city at the start of summer. The big sister is autistic, the little one is bored. She will befriend two children, who seem to wield strange powers. Even if Innocents, presented at Cannes in the Un certain regard selection, does not yet have a French release date (but a distributor here, youpi), we are not going to spoil you any further. Just know that its director, Eskil Vogt, has just signed one of the slaps of the year. Playing on the childish terrors of a trio of astounding kids (including a little M. Night Shyamalan lookalike, do what you want) in a very controlled space, Eskil Vogt (co-writer of Joachim Trier since always) succeeds that the Thelma de Trier unfortunately missed: Innocents is a terrifying supernatural, realistic, violent and sensory film, perfectly mastered formally. If that helps, the film’s main inspiration, claimed by Eskil Vogt, is the dizzying manga Domu by Katsuhiro Otomo, translated in France under the title Children’s dreams : a prototype ofAkira, published in 1980, with kids gifted with psychic powers who will end up unleashing the apocalypse in the bars of their city. The apocalypse of Innocent is – scale obliges – infinitely more modest visually, but just as concrete and terrifying.

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