Cannes 2021: When Spike Lee announces the Palme d’Or prematurely!

The American President of the Jury unveiled, to everyone’s surprise, the name of the grand winner of this 74th edition … from the first minutes of the closing ceremony.

There was a misunderstanding this Saturday evening, on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival 2021. President Spike lee suddenly unveiled the name of the Palme d’Or, in front of a room and its dumbfounded jurors, after only 5 minutes and when no other trophy had yet been awarded.

Just arrived on stage with his jury, the American filmmaker visibly misinterpreted the question of the hostess of the evening, the sparkling Doria Tillier. Asking him which first prize will be revealed by the jury to begin the awards waltz, Spike lee obviously heard that he was asked to immediately reveal the “First Prize”, the Palme d’Or of this 74th edition, obviously awarded at the very end …

Arrested at the last second by the hand of Mélanie Laurent and an incredulous Doria Tillier, the director has not finished his sentence. But a film title in competition, having shaken the Croisette and being one of the favorites, does indeed seem to have slipped from the lips of Spike lee, if you prick up your ears! A historical spoiler to conclude in an incredible way this beautiful edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

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