Cannes 2022 – Day 7: Interview with David Cronenberg, Renaud and Oussekine, and star Tang Wei

Every day, between the film, the interview and the fact of the day, the hot spot live from the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

The star of the day: Tang Wei

In 2007, Lust, Caution by Ang Lee had caused her to be blacklisted by the Chinese authorities because of certain sex scenes – yet cut by the director during editing. It was the first feature film of model Tang Wei, who saw her career crushed from the start. The Unloved Mann hackerthe weird musical Office by Johnnie To, A great journey into the night of Bi Gan, long enigmatic and sensual poem… And, finally, the promise of a rebirth in Decision to Leave by Park Chan-wook, in competition for the Palme. In this love story with film noir varnish, she embodies a real-false femme fatale, tragic and romantic, Hitchcockian. She is fabulous. A star is (re)born.

song of the day : Small by Renaud (1988) which closes Our Brothers by Rachid Bouchareb.

A lit lighter in your raised little fist. Your gaze drowning in my faded eyes. A slightly dodgy keffiyeh thrown over your shoulders The singer’s voice covers the guitar and the accordion. The end credits are about to roll. In the image, follow one another archival photos of a bereaved youth, in shock and revolt. At the end of the 1980s, cohabitation, demonstrations against the Devaquet law, “et then these tears forever in your skin, like so many wounds and stab wounds. Deep scars for Malik and Abdel. For our falling brothers… Malik Oussekine and Abdel Benyahia, respectively 22 and 20 years old, were both murdered on the night of December 6, 1986 by police officers. The moving and modest feature film by Rachid Bouchareb, following in the footsteps of the series Oussekine currently available on Disney +, follows in parallel the pain of the families of the two victims. A father (Samir Guesmi…), a sister (Lyna Khoudri…), brothers (Reda Kateb, Laïs Salameh…) try to understand how these uneventful teenagers could have been brutally murdered. In the middle of the chaos, a cop from the IGPN (Raphaël Personnaz), haunts the frame with his overwhelmed look. The filmmaker ofNative (2006) succeeds by an intelligent narrative structure to multiply the points of view. It restores the dread and amazement of a France stunned by the blows of a police then directed by the very little regretted Charles Pasqua. ” keep them your love. Beware of hate », repeats Renaud like a mantra. Chills on the Croisette.

Document of the day: Moonage Daydream by Brett Morgan

While the musical documentary is currently experiencing a kind of golden age, fueled by the exponential demand for “content” (Beatles, Beastie Boys, Sparks, Velvet Underground, Kanye West, Orelsan, it’s raining everywhere), David Bowie , the artist who brought images and music together better than anyone else, of course deserved his own. It had to be done, and done well. Brett Morgen, a specialist in the genre (he has devoted films to Kurt Cobain, the Stones, producer Robert Evans), refuses in Moonage Daydream biographical and encyclopedic plan-plan approach and considers its evocation of the interpreter of Space Oddity like a trip. A journey to the confines of the Bowie galaxy, immersing the viewer in an impressive magma of sounds, songs, archives, photos, film extracts, various performances, the result of extraordinary editing work, where the great periods of the life of the artist (Ziggy, Berlin, the 80s…) are of course told, but above all intertwined, intertwined with each other. As if this work, which has often been celebrated for its ability to mutate and regenerate itself, was finally considered as a great whole, of supreme coherence, now floating in a perpetual present. A very nice trip, heading to infinity.

Interview of the day: David Cronenberg

Presented in official competition, The Crimes of the Future offers David Cronenberg the opportunity to return to his obsessions with the body and illness in a strange testamentary SF thriller that plays with everything with mischief and irony. We met him.

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