Cannes 2022 – Day 8: the rise of the steps, the return of the Dardenne, November by Jimenez…

The stars jostled at Cannes which celebrated its 75th edition yesterday. We also vibrated for the performance of Pierfrancesco Favino in Nostalgia by Mario Martone.

The movie of the day : Tori and Lokita by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne.

With the Belgian brothers, it works (almost) every time and when a “croisette” museum opens, a room will certainly be dedicated to them. It will take at least that to bring in: two Palmes d’or (Rosetta and the child), a Screenplay Prize (Lorna’s Silence), a Grand Prize (Bicycle kid) and the archives of the nine (!) climbs of the steps. 9, who says it better? Loach, 14. The brothers are like their cinema – and more certainly their characters – the traces of age have no hold on them. 2022: here are Tori and Lokita, a kid (with a bike) and a young girl. They love each other like brothers and sisters that they really aren’t. They both come from Africa and live in a home in Liège (it’s not really said but we wonder why the Dardennes would go elsewhere). To obtain his papers, Lokita accepts almost without flinching repeated sexual assaults from a pizza maker and soon to lock himself in a basement to grow cannabis. Using a staging all in tight shots, the Belgians sign a real social thriller with chases, back doors, desperate escapes in the open countryside… The staging, it is without false collar. The reconstituted life seems to beat in tune with a reality that Jean-Luc and Pierre examine with the patience of the documentarians they have (always) been. Of course, this does not preclude fiction. On the contrary. If the artifices do not appear as such, there is indeed a system at work. And that this system still manages to move and touch just as much, continues to amaze even the most seasoned of festival-goers (at least we hope so). As for those who see it for the first time (there may be some in the jury), they will discover amazed that here more than elsewhere, purity interferes with force in the meanders of a world atrocious.

Interview of the day: Cédric Jimenez for November

One year later BAC North, Jimenez returns to Cannes with an action film that focuses on the investigators of the November 13 attacks. Five days “embedded”, between false leads, urgency and puzzles of evidence. Once again, the staging impresses and the filmmaker explains to us here the ins and outs of his thriller.

Performance of the day: Pierfrancesco Favino in Nostalgia by Mario Martone

Back to Cannes but also and above all to Naples for Pierfrancesco Favino. Magnificent “Traitor” for Marco Bellocchio in 2019, here he is again in an uncomfortable position vis-à-vis the mafia in Nostalgia by Mario Martone, in official competition. Faviano, 52, plays a Neapolitan who left his hometown at the age of 15 to return 40 years later. Oh surprise, nothing has changed and the wounds that caused him to leave are still open. Like father, like son. Pierfrancesco Favino advances in the film with an air of adorable and tired teddy bear. His character is in transit of himself. The power that emanates from this physique is not given immediately. Little by little, the inner fire rises to the surface. This charisma could eat everything if the ultra-sensitive part of the actor does not push him to step aside. In this Nostalgia, the city of Naples, even in tatters, remains proud. Favino looks at her with the eyes of a wounded child. The Interpretation Prize for The traitor had escaped him. This needs to be corrected immediately.

music of the day : Serge Gainsbourg’s score for Yes i was a spy by Bertrand Blier (1967)

Cannes Classics today offered a rarity, the first fiction feature film Bertrand Blier, shot four years after his shock documentary, Hitler, don’t know. If this little paranoid thriller with dad Bernard as a Hitchcockian hero drags the leg a little, the minimalist score of Gainsbourg arranged by Michel Colombier, is a pure marvel. The heady instrumental rhythmed like a piece of electro before its time with its chiade orchestration, evokes the work of François de Roubaix. Each time the music appears, the film emerges from its overly restless torpor and frees the future filmmaker from waltzers from the constraints of a staging that is a bit fixed.

If I Were A Spy: Serge Gainsbourg

The rise of the day: the 75th anniversary

Isabelle Huppert, Sophie Marceau, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Léa Seydoux and the entire jury chaired by Vincent Lindon were there. Gathered together to celebrate the 75th anniversary, all these stars formed the sexiest climb of the whole festival!

Tahar Rahim, Noomi Rapace, Léa Seydoux, Isabelle Huppert and Maggie Gyllenhaal at the Cannes Film Festival 75th anniversary party

Cannes 2022: stars in shambles for the climb of the steps of the 75th anniversary

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