Cannes 2022: Jim Carrey is on the official poster

Illusion or reality? After Spike Lee’s cap and eyes in 2021, an iconic image from The Truman Show is reinvented for the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

“Steps that lead towards revelation. A poetic celebration of the elusive and of freedom. An ascent to overlook the past and advance towards the promise of renewal.” This is how the official Festival press release presents the official poster of the 75th edition, taken from The Truman Show (1998) by Peter Weir where a man (Jim Carrey) discovers that he has been a prisoner of a fake world since birth, constantly filmed without his knowledge to provide images for a TV show…

“A modern evocation of the myth of Plato’s cave, The Truman Show by the duo Peter Weir-Andrew Niccol and directed by Peter Weir (1998) and this decisive scene in particular invite the spectator to touch the border between reality and its representation as much as ‘to question the powers of fiction, between manipulation and catharsis”develops the press release. “And if Truman, by this ascent, escapes the lie, the Festival, by the ascent of its Red Steps, proposes to enter a cinema to discover the truth of the artists there.” Festival regulars (reminder: Spike Lee was on the 2021 poster) will also be able to feel the vertigo there, between David Lynch, Magritte and the series The prisonerto evolve in the closed world of the Croisette, between the projections under lack of sleep and the hotel rooms (where one does not sleep) with interviews which are as many red rooms in which the world of cinema quivers with an obscure clarity… Or perhaps a sign that the sky beyond Mandelieu-la-Napoule may be artificial… Devil! We are already excited for the Festival, which will take place from May 17 to 28, and whose official selection is already here.

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