Cannes 2022: Kore-eda films a new family story in Les Bonnes étoiles [bande-annonce]

Four years after his Palme d’or, the Japanese director returns to the Croisette.

Update of May 11, 2022: Approaching the Cannes film festivalthe French distributor of the new Kore-eda, Metropolitan Films, is launching the promotion of brokerwhich will therefore be called The Lucky Stars in France and will be released in cinemas on December 7. The film’s VOST trailer has also been uploaded.

Article from April 22, 2022: Winner of the Palme d’Or in 2018 for A family matterthe Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda is back in the Cannes competition with a new movie: broker. A new version of his favorite cinema theme…

In a place where newborns can be abandoned anonymously, Sang-hyun finds a baby and entrusts it to a couple with whom he has made an agreement. This time, it is also a foster child, but in South Korea. On the poster, we find the star of Parasite Song Kang-ho, along with Doona Bae (CloudAtlas) and Gang Dong-Won (Peninsula).

The producer Eugene Leein an interview for varietyclarified: This is a film with Korean actors, a Korean crew, in the Korean language and shot in Korea “. A total immersion in another culture that the director seems to appreciate, since in 2019, he had shot The truth in Paris, with a French cast, including the emblematic Catherine Deneuve.

While waiting for the 74th Cannes Film Festival, scheduled for May 17 to 28, here is the trailer for the film:

The Seven Families of Kore-Eda

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