Captain America 4 with Anthony Mackie: “This new Cap is Rocky. He will always be an outsider”

“It’s not Steve Rogers, and I think that’s a good thing,” comments producer Nate Moore.

The site invited Nate Moore, one of Marvel’s flagship producers, to discuss the future of the franchise as part of their Phase Zero podcast, and the latter basically talked about Captain america 4, which will follow both to the events that have occurred in Avengers: Endgame in the cinema, but also to those related in the Disney Plus series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In particular, he explained why he was eager to see Anthony mackie (Sam Wilson / Falcon) fully take on the role of Captain America.

“It’s not Steve Rogers, and I think that’s a good thing, he considers. For me, this new Cap is Rocky. He will always be an outsider. He’s not a super soldier, he’s not a hundred, he can’t lean on the Avengers … So what’s going to happen to this guy, who publicly announces he’s the new Captain America? What happens next? I find him fascinating because he’s just a guy. A guy with wings and a shield, but basically a guy. So we’re going to slip it into the costume and make it deserve it. How will he manage when he has to surpass himself? What makes someone Captain America? I would just say that doesn’t mean being a super soldier. We’ll even prove it with Sam Wilson. “

Captain america 4 has been officially announced by Marvel, but it does not yet have a filming or release dates.

Anthony Mackie had no desire to be Captain America

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