Captain America Civil War: this is why Thor was absent

Thor Civil War Marvel Darryl the Roommate

The God of Thunder was snubbed by Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.

Update February 21, 2022: You plan to see again Captain America 3 tonight on TMC? So don’t miss this funny anecdote: in the comics, Thor is a crucial character in the plot of Civil Warbut the god embodied by Chris Hemsworth (who will soon return in his 4th solo film, Love & Thunder, by Taika Waititi) does not appear in the Russo Brothers super-movie. For a surprising reason, revealed a few months after the release of the film as a bonus from a Marvel blu-ray.

Captain America: Civil War, Marvel at its finest [critique]

News of August 29, 2016: During Comic Con in San Diego, Marvel Studios released a hilarious video, explaining what Thor was doing while his friends were fighting in Captain America: Civil War. A Blu-ray bonus of the film today unveiled to all, where we discover the god of thunder on vacation in Australia after the events of Age of Ultron. Thor decided to live with a “normal person“, Darryl, with whom he shares an apartment. The opportunity to discover his everyday life, sometimes completely stupid, between his quest for the stones of infinity, “the purple man on the chair” (aka Thanos) and the small bed of his hammer Mjolnir.

We also learn that Thor sent emails to Iron Man and Captain America, but that the latter never replied to him and did not seem to care what happened to him. The final moments also show him having a little coffee with Bruce Banner, courted on the phone by Tony Stark.

Note that the joke pleased fans so much that Marvel has done it regularly since the release of Civil War. For example during the promotion of the blu-ray of Thor: Ragnarokbringing Darryl the roommate back for a staggered bonus. Will we see this character again in a future Marvel? Apparently he survived the “snap” of Thanos in Infinity Warso why not ?

Jeff Goldblum and Darryl the roommate at the heart of Thor Ragnarok bonuses

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