Carrie-Anne Moss recounts meeting Keanu Reeves

Matrix Resurrections
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The Matrix actor is one of Time’s top 100 most influential people.

“There is something unique about the stardom of Keanu Reevesis that he is known for his kindness and generosity, despite his fame, writing Carrie Anne Moss when Time asks him for a description of his partner from Matrix. The actor is in the top 100 of the most influential personalities of the moment, so the actress takes the opportunity to reflect on how he was able to influence the world. Which reminds him of their first meeting, very simple, when it took place during their audition for the SF blockbuster of the Wachowskis, in the late 1990s, and that a casting is a very stressful moment for an actor to Hollywood.

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“In this often difficult world, my friend Keanu gives people hope, she continues. The actions of this handsome, talented, involved and deservedly successful actor became a response to all those who were disappointed in someone who was put on a pedestal. I remember the ease with which we met. It could have been a very stressful first meeting: during a screen test, with the eyes of the team trained on us, Neo and Trinity reunited for the first time. But Keanu was as he always is: kind, generous and caring. We’ve been playing these characters for 20 years, until Resurrections last year, and there remains this man who asks me if everything is okay after an intense day of training, when he himself has spent the whole day doing this. He always supported me, then and still today, by the way he listened and showed himself as a friend. I am particularly with our friendship: I know that I can count on Keanu and he knows that he can count on me.

She concludes this glowing portrait of the 57-year-old actor as follows: “His humanity shines through in every character he plays, in the way he interacts with the world on a daily basis. We don’t need to be inspired by someone bigger than us, but rather by people who live within us. Keanu illuminates us all with such benevolence.”

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