Carter Burwell reveals Ethan Coen no longer wants to direct movies

“He seems very happy to do what he does (in the theater, editor’s note)”, comments the composer.

Will the Coen brothers remake a duet film? Or stay on their own for various projects? The Tragedy of Macbeth, starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand, which will open the New York Film Festival, was directed solely by Joel (on the right in the photo), Ethan being occupied by a staging in the theater: his play A Play is a Poem was launched in the fall of 2019 in Los Angeles, but the pandemic has finally put that production on hiatus. According to their flagship composer Carter Burwell, the latter does not plan to remake a film immediately.

Joel Coen’s Macbeth, starring Frances McDormand and Denzel Washington, was shot in black and white

Interviewed as part of the podcast Score (To listen here, in English), the creator of the soundtracks of Fargo, The Big Lebowski, O’Brother or even The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, their last duet film which was released on Netflix in 2018, explains that while Ethan Coen was not involved in the creation of The Tragedy of Macbeth, it’s simply “because he didn’t want to make a movie anymore. Ethan seems very happy doing what he’s doing, and I’m not sure what Joel will achieve next. Hope they come back, because they have tons scripts on hand, and I’ve read a few that were good. But now, I don’t know. We’re all getting to an age where we could retire, yet I don’t think it is. is what will happen. We are in an incredibly unpredictable business … ”

He does not therefore completely close the door to a new joint project, but suggests that it will not be for now, Ethan Coen being for the moment focused on the theater.

All screenplays written but never shot by the Coen

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