Cary Fukunaga accused of sexual harassment by three actresses

Cary Fukunaga accused of sexual harassment by three actresses
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Including two twin sisters to whom he proposed a threesome, justifying that “incest is ok if everyone involved agrees.”

The director of No Time to Die is accused by three women of sexual harassment. three actresses, Rachelle Vinberg, Hannah and Cailin Loeschwho publicly recounted the advances made by Cary Fukunaga when they were barely of age. Aged 44, he posted a story on his account last week instagram to defend the right to abortion, which is currently challenged in several American states. A post that put the skateboarder and actress out of her mind. “It annoys me, because he doesn’t care about women, he traumatizes them”writes Rachelle Vinberg, 23, in response to his postdetailing having been in a relationship with him just after the filming ofa clip, when she was 18 years old. Their relationship lasted until he was 21: “I spent years scared of him. This guy is an abuser, and has been for years. Watch out for you girls.” She adds that despite their intimate relationship, he had built an unhealthy relationship with her, presenting her to his relatives as his cousin, his niece or his sister, ashamed of their age difference. “I tried to talk to him about it, but he never wanted to account to me, he swept me out of his life in the blink of an eye”she concludes, adding that she was “traumatized” by their adventure to the point of having to undergo therapy.

Sisters Hannah and Cailin Loesch met him when they were 20, on the set of his series maniac for Netflix, in 2018. They have since had “a relationship made up of hot and cold” with the showrunner, as they told on Twitter. For example, he invited them to join him in London during the filming of Dying can wait, being charming with them. When they returned the invitation, offering to spend a weekend at their home in Pennsylvania, he was much more insistent, hoping to have a threesome with them in a hot tub. They refused, but he insisted, justifying that “incest is ok if everyone involved agrees.” Keeping in touch despite these inappropriate advances, he invited them to a private screening of the latest James Bond in New York, where he massaged Cailin before making her lie on top of him. “She was terrified, not knowing how he would react if she refused to go any further or accepted, tells his sister. She came back downstairs, he looked disappointed, then offered us to take drugs and stay at his house for a while.”

Raeden Greer, an actress initially hired on her series True Detectivefor his part told the Daily Beast recently that she was fired from the project after refusing to strip naked for a scene.

Cary Fukunaga did not react to these accusations.

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