Casually: a good little comedy [Critique]

The first film by actor Mathias Mekluz is a verve in line with English social comedies.

There is Full Monty in this Casually, comedy released in early 2020 at the cinema, which will be broadcast this Monday evening on C8. A bias also fully assumed through a nice wink where the unemployed line up at the postal bank to withdraw the meager money they hope to collect. With his first film, Mathias Mlekuz demonstrates that social comedy is not the prerogative of the British alone. To each his own style. Where the English often fight to change their lives, our French will lead a fight for their city, their soul. In a city in northern France where unemployment is the daily life of many, a final symbol is about to fall: the dismantling of the old mine, closed thirty years ago. Old miners oppose it by doing a sit-in in front, blanket on their knees. It is there that they rock those who have come to support them with the story of their struggles. The idea of ​​transforming this piece of industrial heritage into an amusement park then germinates. The film is inhabited by a beautiful energy; it is led by a surprising and serious Arnaud Ducret, decked out with a priapic white clown interpreted by Philippe Rebbot. The unusual duo federates a heterogeneous and sympathetic collective. Because Casually also gives pride of place to very fitting supporting roles: Hélène Vincent as a mother with Alzheimer’s disease and Rufus as a former miner. Even if it is not free from clumsiness, this first film has some nice moments in store for us and a good dose of optimism.

Why did The Full Monty never get a sequel?

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