Cécile de France is quite amazing in Soeur Sourire [critique]

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Cécile de France is quite amazing in Soeur Sourire [critique]
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Arte programs a special evening, by rebroadcasting the film, then a documentary on the interpreter of “Dominique”.

While Benedetta is playing everywhere in France, Arte offers an evening on another nun famous for her quest for emancipation: Sister smile. In 1962, she had great success thanks to the hit “Dominica”, before becoming disillusioned, when the Church recovered the copyright for her piece! In 2008, Stijn Coninx (Beyond the moon, Marina) dedicated a film to her, with Cécile de France in the main role, and the actress did well. This work is to be seen again this evening, followed by a documentary entitled Sister Smile, who killed the voice of God?.

Cécile de France is “proud to be the lesbian of French cinema”

Here is our review: That’s it, the biopic is everywhere. As far as Belgium, where a film on the life of Sister Sourire is released. Who is that ? Ask your parents or grandparents, depending on your age, to go rummage in their attic, they’ll end up pulling out a 45 rpm from Dominique, the planetary hit that made this singing nun a record seller who could compete with Presley and The Beatles. . Reunited. If the film of Coninx is interesting, it is because it makes the nick to the official history, being also attached (especially?) To tell the course of the one who was born Janine Deckers, future super star with cornette. Coninx shows how, after having sung, Sister Sourire became disillusioned, since the Church deprived her of her copyright. As much as the first part of Sister Sourire is conventional, as much when Coninx – and Cécile de France quite astonishing – begins to tell her Stations of the Cross, the film becomes touching and sensitive, finding the right tone to draw the portrait of a girl who had the misfortune of loving rock and wanting to be independent.

The trailer for sister smile :

Paul Verhoeven: “Benedetta does not respond to a fashion or a political gesture type #MeToo”

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