Cédric Jimenez is indignant at “pure political recovery” around Bac Nord

“I don’t think the film is a political object.”

With less than a year before the 2022 presidential election, many candidates supporting the right take the fourth feature film by Cédirec Jimenez, North Bac, presented out of competition at the 74th Cannes Film Festival and since released to the cinema (last August 18), as an example to talk about the situation of neighborhoods and suburbs in order to illustrate their political proposals. We can cite Marine Le Pen or the polemicist Eric Zemmour, who have repeatedly praised the film’s realism. Faced with these comments, Jimenez remained silent for a long time, asserting that the realism of his film did not in any way engage a political message. But while an article published on France Inter mixes fiction and politics, the director returns to this controversy and decides: for him, it is “representative of the political vacuum”.

François Civil and Gilles Lellouche – Bac Nord: “I do not believe that the film is subject to controversy”

“It’s pure political recovery”, considers Cédric Jimenez, for whom North Bac is not a campaign argument. “A film remains a film, it is a fiction which tells a very particular news item, it does not tell the whole of the northern districts.”

For the director born in these neighborhoods, this situation is “representative of the political vacuum”. “If a film becomes a campaign argument on safety, it is deplorable, he is indignant, not wanting to be associated with Zemmour and Le Pen. I do not want that North Bac serve their pseudo-security campaign. “

Indeed, according to him, North Bac should not be used in political speeches, which misinterpret the meaning and scope of the film. Shot in 2019, this feature film was not to arrive on the big screen in the context of presidential elections. Pushed back because of the Covid-19, the feature was released in theaters and immediately suffered its context, to the detriment of the film’s story. “There is a lot of diversity and a lot of joy, I have great memories” tells Cédric Jimenez about the neighborhoods in which he grew up. “The city is not North Bac. North Bac, it’s a police case. The film is not called Northern Quarter! “

Released on August 18th, North Bac brings together Gilles Lelouche, François Civil, Karim Leklou, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Kenza Fortas on screen and has already accumulated 1,950,740 admissions. Its distribution continues, after already 8 weeks on the bill.

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