Cédric Jimenez: Itinerary of a spoiled kid

Nothing predestined him to become a filmmaker. With the release of his fourth feature film, Bac Nord, a look back at the unique journey of this native of the northern districts of Marseille

For some, it was the meeting with a teacher that turned their lives upside down. For Cédric Jimenez, a kid from the northern districts of Marseille, it was a video club owner who gave him a taste for cinema. ” I am 12 years old. It takes me to works that I would never have seen alone. I’m going crazy about 70s American cinema. But to do so is out of the question. ” It was another planet. I didn’t even allow myself to think about it “.

And then, at 19, he decides to leave Marseille. ” I was starting to do bullshit. I’m leaving for New York. He worked there as a waiter and, one evening, everything changed. He was spotted and soon found himself photographed by Steven Meisel with Kate Moss for Calvin Klein. The starting point of a modeling career that will lead him to the goals of Avedon, Roversi, Testino… ” I’m going through something crazy. I’m not totally passionate about the job. But it creates in me a special relationship to the image. And I enter above all in a world where many inaccessible things become possible “. Including the cinema!

So, when at 24, he quits, he invests his money in a production company where he partners with Joey Starr. ” I paid for my apprenticeship in a way. »Little by little, he slipped towards the feature film via Scorpio and Eden Log, with a little frustration. ” Management is not my forte. What I like is being on the set and by dint of going there, it has desecrated the figure of the director. I felt allowed to pass there“. He took the plunge in 2012 with In the eyes of all. A thriller filmed using surveillance cameras and webcams. ” A film made in earnest. But I feel in my place “. The producer of The kid, Alain Goldman, asks to meet him. Jimenez tells him about his interest in the tragic fate of Judge Michel. Goldman says banco. Thus is born French. A true quits or double with its budget of 18 million euros. But the film is doing more than honorably and is a success of esteem in the USA where Hollywood begins to make the eyes soft on the director. “I get a lot of scripts and I have to choose. I refuse Comancheria to continue the story with Alain. »Goldman then offered to adapt HHhH which will be his first film in English… with a less flamboyant fate. Because among the film’s financiers, there is Harvey Weinstein, whose affair broke out at the same time. The release date is constantly being pushed back. The dynamic breaks down. ” I am destabilized. The Americans continue to work with him. He resumed writing two films, one with Mark Wahlberg. ” I make a good living but I don’t like anything as much as the plateau so it frustrates me “.


Then, a discussion with producer Hugo Sélignac revives the machine. ” He asks me if I have a project in mind. I tell him about North Bac. Of these members of the BAC de Marseille referred in 2012 to correctional for drug trafficking and racketeering “. He tells her that he does not know all the ins and outs. But Hugo Sélignac has the contacts for the police officers in question. And by meeting them, Jimenez sees the film he can make of it. ” To tell, without becoming judge or prosecutor Marseille, a hot city in every sense of the word, through an action film because the BAC is an action police charged with adrenaline. A return to a stage like a return to life. Effective, taking, North Bac marks a new decisive step in his career. Far from being the last.

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