César 2022 – Arthur Harari: “What this environment lacks is courage”

Arthur Harari Caesar 2022

The director of Onoda won the prize for streaming platforms by receiving the César for best original screenplay.

Nominated in two categories, Onoda, 10,000 nights in the jungle won the César for Best Original Screenplay. The opportunity for Arthur Harariits director and co-screenwriter (with Vincent Poymiro)to thank the Japanese actors who could not be present, before giving his opinion on the explosion of streaming and the evolution of cinema towards a universe of content and no longer of creativity.

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“What is missing in the middle represented here this evening is perhaps courage. This courage which makes people do things that are a little conventional, other than consumables or content“, released Harari. He then addressed “to decision makers”to ask them to take their responsibility and support the cinema in “an unfair fight” against the platforms. “I think it’s an illusion to believe that cinema can exist on platforms or anything really noble. It’s my conviction. We don’t go to the supermarket to have an emotion.”

For the director, cinema must dare to differentiate itself from platforms, to better resist them, by not choosing the path of calculation. “Try to differentiate yourself from the platforms, make choices that they don’t make, bring into existence what they make disappear.”

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