César 2022: the favorites at the rendezvous of a prize list with few surprises

The two most nominated films, Lost Illusions and Annette, monopolized the prizes, with 12 statuettes between them, inevitably making some unhappy people, Bac Nord in mind.

Definitely at the Césars, the absent always seem to be right. A year after the triumph of Goodbye idiots by Albert Dupontel who had not made the trip, the big winner of this 2022 edition also skipped the ceremony. But after breaking the record for nominations in the history of the ceremony (15), lost illusions by Xavier Giannoli superbly held his rank as favorite with the best collection of the evening in terms of statuettes: 7, including best film, best male supporting role for Vincent Lacoste (finally winner after 5 nominations since The handsome kids) and best male revelation for Benjamin Voisin (who had to bow last year for Summer 85 against Jean-Pascal Zadi with simply black). And his dolphin in terms of nominations, Annette also occupies second place in number of César garnered with 5 statuettes, including that of the best director which allows Leos Carax to achieve an unprecedented double with his prize for Cannes directing. Carax, who had always left empty-handed, was crowned there for the first time but he too had to be called in sick to let his director of photography Caroline Champetier recover his reward

Last night at the Olympia, the favorites held their rank, like the successes of the summit of the gods in animated film and The Snow Panther in documentary. And with 12 awards for two, lost illusions and Annette severely shattered the competition and indirectly corrected the feeling, when the nominations were announced, that French cinema in all its diversity – from the most popular to the most auteur – was represented at the Césars. And this even if some resisted. Valérie Lemercier who won for Aline the César for best actress, her second trophy 28 years after her supporting role award for Visitors. Arthur Harari who imposes himself in screenplay with Onoda. Anamaria Vartolomei who superbly saves the honor of The Event in the category of female revelations which was undoubtedly the most elevated of all or even Aissatou Diallo Sagna, nurse’s aide in “real life” whose first steps in the cinema in The divide were honored with the Best Supporting Actor award. But in this little game, there are bound to be losers, first and foremost North ferry by Cedric Jimenez, The Olympiads by Jacques Audiard or even Titanium by Julia Ducournau who all leave empty-handed. It should also be noted that in this year cinema monopolized by two victories in two major festivals, the Palme d’Or of Titanium and the Golden Lion of The Eventtheir two directors did not reap their rewards from the voters.


And in this context of ultra-domination ofIllusions lost and Annette, a victory, undoubtedly one of the strongest moments of the prize list, only takes on more relief. That of Benoît Magimel, the only member of the team of In his lifetime by Emmanuelle Bercot. Already winner of the César for supporting role for Heads up by the same director, he won his first nomination as best actor against Adam Driver, the hero ofAnnette, who had nevertheless made the trip to the Olympia. This victory was all the more beautiful in an evening where surprises were rare. With two other exceptions: the victory of the Magnetic first feature opposite The Snow Panther and Gagarin and the one at The Father in foreign film while the statuette seemed promised to drive my car Where Julie (in 12 chapters). These two will have a chance to catch up in a month at the Oscars where they will face off again for the Foreign Language Film Oscar.

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