César 2022: the tears of Cate Blanchett, receiving her César d’Honneur [vidéo]

Cate Blanchett received her Honorary Cesar from Isabelle Huppert

Isabelle Huppert, her friend, presented her with her César and saluted her universe, all the women who are in her, and her cinematic eyes.

On December 17, the world of French cinema learned that the Australian actress Cate Blanchett was chosen to receive the Honorary Caesar of this 47th Caesar Ceremonyrewarding his career, which extended on January 19 with the new production by Guillermo del Toro entitled Nightmare Alley.

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On stage this evening to collect her statuette, Cate Blanchett succeeds Jean-Pierre Bacri, who was honored posthumously last year, but also Robert Redford, Penélope Cruz, George Clooney and Michael Douglas. A statuette that adds to another award, the one recently received at the 36th Goya ceremony.

After a speech by Isabelle Huppert, saluting her career and her cinematographic diversity, a video paid tribute to her work and to some of her greatest roles, in particular the one she had held in Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen, which won her the Oscar for best actress.

Once on this stage, Cate Blanchett wished to thank the Academy after a memorable “SHUT UP” to stop the applause. The actress also thanked her friend Isabelle Huppert, and the French cinema whose A death row inmate escaped by Robert Bresson (1956) which had particularly marked her when she was young. “I speak French like a Spanish cow” she said, while thanking French cinema and congratulating the nominees and the winners of the evening.

Finally, Cate Blanchett wanted to address the situation in Ukraine. Here is the full video:

César 2022: The winners live

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