César 2022: Xavier Dolan, in tears, evokes “the gaping wound” left by Gaspard Ulliel

"It's a whole world that cried Gaspard" : Xavier Dolan's moving tribute to Gaspard Ulliel at the César 2022
Cesar 2022/Canal + ceremony

The director, who had made him turn in Only the end of the world, paid him a vibrant tribute.

This evening I wanted to pay tribute to my friend, to our friend, Gaspard. I chose to do it in the form of a letter, here. “On the stage of the César 2022, Xavier Dolan could not hold back his tears. The actor and director, who filmed Gaspard Ulliel in Just the end of the world and with whom he had become very close, mentioned ” the gaping wound of his departure (…) I cannot help thinking that he would have hated this type of praise “. ” We talked about his discretion, his gentleness (…) but little was said about his eloquence “, he noted, assuring that it was about a man who was distinguished by the “ scarcity ” of its “ words “.

A whole world mourned Gaspard. It’s a whole world that still mourns him (…) His talent, we still have it and that, no one can take it away from us “.

Watch Xavier Dolan’s tribute to Gaspard Ulliel:

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