C’est la vie, with Josiane Bakasko and Léa Drucker, a subtle and burlesque comedy [critique]

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That's life

Nicolas Maury (Ten percent) and Tom Leeb (Edmond) are also in the cast of Julien Rambaldi’s film (The Best Friends in the World).

Last December, Julien Rambaldi returned to the cinema with a feature film, after the successes, among others, of best friends in the worldin 2010, and Welcome to Marly-Gomont, in 2016. This fourth project, entitled That’s life, brings together Josiane Balasko, Léa Drucker (who is the director’s companion, and who has already been seen in The best friends in the world), Nicholas Maury (Ten percent) and Tom Leeb (Edmund). On the occasion of its first broadcast on television, this Saturday evening on Canal +, we share our review.

Behind a somewhat kitsch choral poster hides a good surprise: a subtle and burlesque comedy about becoming a parent that has its eye on the side of Love actually. Through five skilfully entangled deliveries, Julien Rambaldi (Welcome to Marly-Gaumont) takes us through the last day of a midwife in a maternity ward. The dialogues are well written, the situations original. We frankly laugh with the Léa Drucker-Youssef Hadji couple, she as the boss obsessed with work and he, as a devoted husband. We have a real crush on the pair Florence Loiret-Caille – David Marsais, superheroes of IVF. But our favorite duo remains that formed by the midwife, Josiane Balasko, and the doctor, Nicolas Maury, she all smug, he all scorn, until the varnish cracks. And U.S. too.

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