Chamboultout, it’s a José Garcia festival [critique]

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Chamboultout, it's a José Garcia festival [critique]

To (re) see this Sunday on TF1.

First unencrypted broadcast this weekend of Chamboultout, a comedy by Eric Lavaine with Alexandra Lamy (with whom he had already collaborated on Retour chez ma mère and L’Embarras du Choix), but also José Garcia, in great shape. Released in spring 2019, she had surprised First, as you can read in our review.

In 98, Têtes raides released an album announcing a singing tomorrows. Chamboultou plunged the spectator into the heart of a strange paradox: mixing popular music and arty delirium (the precious and obscure language) to finally leave everything in order and … not upset anything. It is the same feeling of strangeness that dominates in front of the Chamboultout (with a t this time) by Eric Lavaine. It starts off as a “drama”. A guy has an accident and wakes up blind, with memory loss and especially the annoying tendency to say out loud what everyone normally says quietly. It’s a José Garcia festival, a cowardly, funny and sour segment, where we laugh a lot despite the context. Until the second film which begins quickly, that of Béatrice, his wife who leaves a book on her new life. The book will cause concern and controversy with his family and friends who will all look for the slightest clue betraying their presence among the characters. This part works like a killing game. To put it quickly, we go from an Italian comedy to a very French drama, settling scores between friends, questioning autofiction and its limits. All these characters, often uneducated, mindless or odious, are locked up in a house in the South-West (any resemblance to The Little Handkerchiefs de Canet seems fortuitous) and draws us into their own jealousy, depression or mediocrity. This is not really satire, nor a reflection on the bonds of friendship. And above all it does not upset much. There remains the number of José Garcia, the evil spirit of Lavaine and Alexandra Lamy always solar.

The trailer for Chamboultout :

Chamboultout – Alexandra Lamy: “This film, we should not do it together”

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