Channing Tatum tells how the Gambit miss ‘traumatized’ him

“I couldn’t see any Marvel movies after that…”

Channing Tatum almost was a superhero. Gambit, the film derived from X-Men, was on the verge of being done, on track from 2014 and carried for a time by Rupert Wyatt then by Doug Liman… But it finally fell apart, buried definitively when Disney bought Fox.

A blow for the star of magic mike and his collaborator Reid Carolin, who were to carry out the project together: “But the studio really didn’t want us to do it ourselves. They wanted everyone but us, basically…Because we never achieved anything,” he says today in variety.

Tatum goes on to say that he was a fan of the movie script he and Carolin co-wrote, with a tone akin to Dead Pool. “We wanted to make a superhero movie but a romantic comedy. “The theme was to say that the only thing harder than saving the world is making a relationship work (…) I don’t know if he’s flamboyant, but this Gambit was just the coolest person. He could get away with anything. Most superheroes, their outfits are utilitarian. Batman has his belt. Gambit him, he has his attitude, everything flows on him, and he has this sense of fashion, he likes to wear such cool stuff, because he likes fashion…”

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Reid Carolin clarifies that the film was really “one meter from the goal“, and that the duo had even already contacted the production offices, launched the casting. They were ready to begin filming in New Orleans. Unfortunately for them, the whole thing all but fell apart after the merger of Disney and Fox A backhand that has “traumatizedChanning Tatum, by his own admission.

So much so that he is now unable to watch Marvel movies: “Once Gambit screwed up, I was so traumatized I just turned off my Marvel machine. I couldn’t see any of the movies anymore. I loved this character. It was too sad. It was like losing a friend because I was so ready to play him…”

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