Chaos Walking will not be released in cinemas in France

Metropolitan has just deprogrammed this sci-fi film scheduled for August.

Filmed in 2017, the adaptation of Chaos Walking, the saga “young adults” science fiction film by Patrick Ness (the author of the acclaimed A few minutes after midnight) by Doug Liman (Mr. And Mrs. Smith) has not ceased to be rejected since: the actors Daisy ridley and Tom holland, very busy with the sagas Star wars and Spiderman, were unable to free themselves before 2019 to participate in “reshoots”, then the Covid-19 epidemic again postponed its release. In the United States, it was finally offered to the public in February 2021, distributed by Lionsgate, but it raised less than $ 15 million, preceded by negative reviews. In France, it was scheduled for this summer at the cinema, but Metropolitan FilmExport has just backed down …

The hexagonal distributor advertises in French Film than “the film Chaos Walking (…) will not be released in theaters”, without justifying this choice. Scheduled for August 4, another American film will be offered instead: Ice Road, by Jonathan Hensleigh with Liam Neeson, who was so far stalled on August 18.

Chaos Walking: the film with Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland is postponed again

The story of Chaos Walking: In the near future, women are gone. Todd Hewitt’s world is inhabited only by men, and all are subject to Noise, a mysterious force that reveals their thoughts and allows everyone to know those of others. When a young woman, Viola, lands in disaster on this planet, she finds herself in great danger … Todd swears to protect her, but to succeed, he will have to reveal his inner strength and unravel the dark secrets that choke his world …

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