Charlie unleashes his power in a searing clip from the new Firestarter

The remake of the 1984 cult film, adapted from Stephen King.

Almost 40 years after Drew Barrymore, we will discover a new Charlie, in a remake of Firestarter, adaptation of the cult novel by Stephen King. This is young Ryan Kiera Armstrong (seen in The Tomorrow War and Black Widow) who will take over the role. And we can already see her getting angry with a thousand lights, in this explosive extract, posted online by Universal, in which she protects her dad Zac Efron….

This remake of Firestarter, directed by e Keith Thomas (II), will be released simultaneously in American theaters and on the Peacock platform this Friday, May 13, in the USA. It will be released in cinemas in France exclusively, on June 1st.

Synopsis:For more than ten years, Andy and Vicky have been constantly between moves to evade a shadowy federal agency seeking to capture their daughter Charlie. Indeed, this one has an extraordinary faculty of pyrokinesis which the agency would like to use to create a weapon of mass destruction… Andy taught his daughter to control her anger or her pain which trigger her power. But Charlie is now 11 years old and she is finding it increasingly difficult to control her emotions – and therefore the starting of the fire. When the agency finds out where she and her parents are staying, a mysterious agent is sent on a mission to track down the family and get hold of Charlie. But the young girl does not intend to let it go…”

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