Charlize Theron explains how she ended up in The Boys after Marvel

Charlize Theron season 3 of The Boys

“I had already shot my cameo in The Boys, when I said yes to Marvel…”

On the occasion of a great evening for his charity, Africa Outreach Project, Charlize Theron returned, this weekend, to her two insane and totally unexpected appearances in two current pop-culture hits.

In recent weeks, the Oscar-winning actress first made a leap to Marvel, for a cameo in Doctor Strange 2. Then, in the aftermath, she headed in the opening seconds of Season 3 of The Boys !

Seth (Rogen), who is executive producer of the series, asked me a while ago to participate. And honestly, I’d be willing to lay down on crushed glass for this guy. I absolutely adore it. We support each other, we take care of each other“, commented Charlize Theron in Varietywho played with Seth Rogen in The Long Shot (Seduce me if you can). She adds: “I like The Boys. I think it’s a really smart series!

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Then Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige called to offer him a cameo in the mid-credits scene of the Multiverse of Madnesswhich could suggest a long-term job in the MCU.

I had already shot my cameo in The Boys, when I said yes to Marvel. I was very transparent with them. But that wasn’t a problem anyway. They thought it was great! Because The Boys is a satire. I think there is room for everything. It just means that people are interested in those kinds of worlds right now.”

Today, Charlize Theron is about to come back to shoot Fast & Furious 10, before embarking on the production of The Old Guard 2 for Netflix.

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