Charmed has found the new sister who will replace Macy

Lucy Barrett Charmed
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Australian actress Lucy Barrett will play … we don’t know yet!

It’s kind of the news Rose McGowan of Charmed ! Australian actress Lucy barrett, largely unknown to the general public, arrives at the cast to replace the character of Macy, in season 4 of the new series, after the sudden departure of Madeleine Mantock.

The Power of Three will remain intact. Phew! But who will this new witch be and how does she relate to Mel and Maggie? The new showrunnners – Jeffrey Lieber, Joey Falco and Nicki Renna – don’t mean anything just yet.

Her name, her story, her powers and her connection to Mel and Maggie will be kept a secret… it’s just more fun that way. What we will say is that she is an artist with a wild and unpredictable love for life and a unique worldview that serves her well in her art. She is fun, irreverent, impulsive, willful and will bring a whole new energy to the Power of Three. “

Season 4 of Charmed should not be released before 2022. The series can be seen in France on Syfy.

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