Check out the dance that inspired Joaquin Phoenix for Joker

Check out the dance that inspired Joaquin Phoenix for Joker
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The actor admits to having stolen everything from “The Old Soft Shoe”, interpreted in 1957 by Ray Bolger.

Joker, by Todd Phillips, will be the event film of Sunday evening, on TF1. Huge cinema success of 2019 (it passed the billion dollar mark in box office receipts), this film carried by Joaquin Phoenix divided critics, as well as some Hollywood filmmakers (Quentin Tarantino finds him very subversive, Michael Moore salutes “a mirror of American society”whereas David Fincher talks about it with irony…).

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Before you make up your own mind this weekend, let’s take a look back at one of its cult scenes: the character’s dance on a staircase, which has been parodied ever since its release. Among the Joker bonuses on blu-ray, Joaquin Phoenix returns to his character creationexplaining having discussed a lot with the director for the “to find”then having trusted his instincts and to his sense of improvisation once on the board. Doing it (a lot) of dancing notably allowed him to appropriate it. Thanks to choreographer Michael Arnold, he was able to find the special rhythm of the Joker, his strange grace that was so important to the comedian. He then quotes a dance in particular, shown by his coach in order to prepare the scene of the toilets, then the famous sequence of the staircase: “The Old Soft Shoe”, interpreted in 1957 by Ray Bolger. Known for having interpreted the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz (the 1939 version with Judy Garland), this actor has appeared in multiple musicals. Last September, Joaquin Phoenix confessed in First have him “completely stolen” certain movements so much he had flashed on this video.

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By discovering it after seeing Joker, there are indeed several dance steps taken up by Joaquin Phoenix. His way of jumping, throwing his leg in the air before going down the steps, lifting his chin while showing the sky with his arm… The actor was indeed inspired by this choreography to offer a Joker more dancing than expected to the public.

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