Chicken Run or the genius of Aardman

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Chicken Run or the genius of Aardman

The funny little hens return to Gulli this evening.

While Aardman Studios regularly deliver animated nuggets (Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep…), Gulli allows you to rediscover this evening Chicken Run, the studio’s first feature film (before that, they had already made some noteworthy shorts). The switch to long format in no way weakened the spirit of the studio with this delirious story of the escape of a group of hens, threatened to go into the casseroles and become pies because of their tyrannical owner, Mrs Tweedy and her husband who lives in his shadow. And good news, this animated film which was a great success a little over 20 years ago will be entitled to a sequel!

Chicken Run 2: Julia Sawalha Won’t Double Ginger Again Because Her Voice “Looks Too Old”

Built on a very sharp sense of reference, whether cultural (The great Escape with Steve mcqueen, but also Animal farm of George orwell) or historical (the henhouse depicted as a concentration camp and the pie oven as a crematorium), Chicken run is still today a marvel of animation emblematic of Aardman productions, of a complete technical, narrative and artistic mastery. As a result, the biggest theatrical success in the studio (nearly 3 million admissions in France, where the film was released during Christmas time), which however could not be followed by a nomination for the Oscar, the ceremony not yet rewarding films that year at the time (the category will be created the following year). Never mind, that will not prevent us from plunging back into the magic of Aardman productions, from 9:05 pm.

The synopsis of the film: At Tweedy Poultry Farm, the hens that don’t lay enough to cook breakfast know they are likely to end up on the dinner menu. But the intrepid Ginger and his fellows are determined to seize the first opportunity to take their paws around their necks to escape this sinister fate. But time is running out for them ever since Mrs. Tweedy, the greedy owner of the farm, decided that the residents of the farmyard would soon end up as raw material in the making of poultry pies. But a rooster from heaven could well give them hope …

Trailer of Chicken run :

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