Chloe Zhao Explains The Eternals’ Mixed Reception And Marvel Fan Reaction

The director justifies herself by confiding that she did not seek “to reach a consensus, because it is an obstacle to any process of authentic creation”.

When she had just won an Oscar for her very handsome nomadland, Chloe Zhao did not really manage to pass the barrier of the blockbuster. The Eternals did not convince the critics, nor the fans. The box office is weak (400 million dollars, a small score for a Marvel). And today, in a long interview with Empire, the director and co-writer responds to criticism. She assumes her film, claiming not to have sought “to reach a consensus, because it is an obstacle to any process of authentic creation” !

She develops:Just as it is an obstacle to living an authentic life as a person. My work has sometimes made consensus and sometimes divided. In no way does it really have an influence on me as an artist. Because every time I have the chance to create, I learn from the process.”

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Chloe Zhao explains learning from what she has succeeded, but also from her failures: “This learning process is a very intimate affair. Beyond that, to me, it’s just part of the ecosystem that exists due to the nature of the industry we’re in. Like a flower or a rock in nature, I recognize that it exists. I appreciate their presence. But it doesn’t go any further.”

That being said, the passion of Marvel fans is a bit of a game-changer, and the director feels she was able to get in the way of reimagining “their beloved Marvel.” Chloe Zhao estimate that The Eternals “really broke out of the mold that the world put us in… And we met in the middle because of our common interests. And doing that made a lot of people uncomfortable on both sides. But there are also people who are more comfortable when their world is turned upside down (…) So I fully understand the divisions coming from critics and fans. Because we tried to bring together two extremes, which are considered opposites; To merge the world where I come from and the world of Marvel, put in opposition in an unfair and unfortunate way. The reaction which resulted from it is like a proof of this fusion of two worlds. It shows how point it can make people uncomfortable…”

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