Chloe Zhao explains why The Eternals didn’t fight Thanos

“Not only will people understand why, but also how much it disturbed The Eternals not to interfere …”

By stacking the heroes more powerful than each other, will begin to ask a question of consistency within the Marvel Universe. The Eternals are coming to the movies this fall. That is two years after the end of Thanos and his massive attack on the Universe … Why did these celestial beings not intervene and use their all power during the genocidal events ofAvengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame ?

Chloe Zhao promises The Eternals will turn the MCU upside down

The director Chloe zhao promises that the question will be answered in his movie, but also that fans will also see why this is all a little more complicated than it seems: “[Le public] will understand why …“assures Zhao in a interview with Total Film. “Not only will people understand why, but also how much it has disrupted The Eternals not to interfere. We are exploring this. You will see it in the movie. The Eternals have been ordered not to interfere in human conflict unless Deviants are involved. There is a reason why this is the case. And that was the instruction of the first heavenly Arishem … “

A beginning of response already, offered by the filmmaker. And now we wait to see how Marvel Studios will deal with this massive MCU point during the film … but also afterwards. Because once a group of immortal heroes takes center stage, you have to assume. You just have to see how complicated it is for producers to manage since its entry on the scene the almighty Captain Marvel …

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